ALIADP_D Đại lý hãng Alia tại Việt Nam, nhà phân phối hãng Alia tại Việt Nam , thiết bị đo lưu lượng Alia, thiết bị đo mức Alia

D series is a diaphragm seal product combining APT8000 / ADP9000 / ADP9000L transmitter, which designed for the high-viscosity/ granular/ high-temp./ high-corrosivity situation.
D series diaphragm seal assembles Alia pressure/DP transmitter to form direct-mount / capillary-connections style.



 The maximum temperature comes up to 280 oC
 Multiple connection modes - Flange style / Tri-Clamp style
 Multiple diaphragms/alternative connection material
 Vegetable oil can be used for fill fluid for food industry
 Extreme hot and cold temperature
 Stainless Steel with PPC coating capillary 
 IDF Tri-Clamp or union screw connection for food industry
 Oil-free treatment & water-free treatment
 Fast and dynamic response
 Improved performance, increased accuracy and great stability

Process Fluid: Installation Style:
Liquid, Gas or Vapor Direct-mount
Application: APT8000 only
Liquid Level, Differential Pressure, One-sided Capillary
Gauge Pressure, Absolute Pressure APT8000 / ADP9000 / ADP9000L
Material: Two-sided Capillaries
Flange ADP9000 only
Carbon steel Capillary Length:
Stainless Steel 304 1.0 M ~ 10 M
Stainless Steel 316 Max. Temperature:
Diaphragms Direct-Mount
Stainless Steel 316L -20 to 80 oC
Hastelloy B Remote Diaphragm
Hastelloy C -40 to 280 oC
Tantalum Max. Pressure:
PTFE-coated Tantalum Diaphragm 8.0MPa
Capillary Fill Fluid and Maximum:
Stainless Steel with PVC coating Silicone (Max. Temperature 130  oC)
Flange Size: Temperature:
40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm HT Silicone (Max. Temperature 280 oC)
1-1/2", 2", 3", 4" Fluorine (Max. Temperature 160 oC)
Process Connection: Vegetable Oil (Max. Temperature 130 oC)
Flange Ambient Temperature:
Flange Rating: +/-0.18% ~ +-0.5% of span per 20 oC
JIS 10K / JIS 20K / JIS 40K Effect:
ANSI 150# / ANSI 300# / ANSI 600# Time Response:
DIN PN10 / PN16 / PN25 / PN40 Less than 1.12 seconds
Tri Clamp ( DIN32676 / ISO2852 ) Options:
Extension Length: Water-free Treatment
2", 3", 4" Wetted parts are water-free treated in 
Accuracy: manufacturing
+/-0.075% of Span Oil-free Treatment
Stability: Wetted parts are oil-free treated in 
+/-0.15% of URL for 2 years manufacturing