ARH950 Đại lý hãng Alia tại Việt Nam, nhà phân phối hãng Alia tại Việt Nam , thiết bị đo lưu lượng Alia, thiết bị đo mức AliaARH950 Series Wall/Duct mount Humidity and Temperature Transmitter is the most versatile transmitter in the market.
ARH950 combines high accuracy, stability and reliable operation, making these products the ideal choice for demanding applications.



 Two Line LED (LCD) display, directly read the RH & temperature
 Accuracy up to +/-2%RH
 DIP switch selectable signal input of Temperature
 4 wire, 4-20mA x 2 for both Humidity & Temperature output
 Small, light and easy to be installed
 Full 0 - 100%RH measurement
 RH 0.1%, Temperature 0.1 oC Resolution
 8 seconds fast response time

Measuring Range: Display:
Relative Humidity RH 0.0 ~ 99.9% LED (LCD)
0 ~ 100%RH Temperature +/- 99.9 oC
Temperature Output:
0~50 / -20~+80 / -40~+60 o Relative Humidity
Accuracy: 4-20 mA
Relative Humidity Temperature
+/-2%RH @ 25 oC 4-20 mA
Temperature Load
+/-0.3 oC @ 25 oC Rohm=(VDC-12) x 50
Resolution: Response Time:
Relative Humidity 8 seconds
0.1%RH Turn on Time:
Temperature 3 Seconds
0.1 oC Power Supply:
Repeatability: 9-36VDC
+/-0.1% typical Power Consumption:
Humidity Drift: <50mA @24VDC
<0.5%RH/Year Electrical Connections:
Temperature Drift: D Type: PG9, P Type: M20
<0.1 oC/Year Screw Terminal Block (Wall Mount)
Operating Temperature: Screw Terminal:
-20 oC to 70 oC 0.5 to 1.5 mm2
Storage Temperature: Dimensions:
-10 oC to 60 oC Duct Mount
Storage Humidity: 85mm(L) X 85mm(W) X 241.4mm(H)
0% to 90%RH 100mm(L) X 100mm(W) X 278.4mm(H)
Material: Wall Mount
Electrical Housing 100mm(L) X 84mm(W) X 23mm(D)
ABS (Duct) / PC (Wall)  Weight:
Aluminum Alloy (Duct, IP65) ARH950-D
Probe 146 g
ABS(Duct), S.S.316 (Duct,IP65) ARH950-W
Flange 83 g
PC (Polycarbonate) ARH950-P
Sensor Housing 810 g
PC (Polycarbonate) EMI/RFI Effect:
Protection Class: Follow SAMA PMC 33.1 from 20 to 1000
Duct Mount MHz and for field strengths up to 30V/m
IP54 / IP65 Vibration Effect:
Wall Mount +/-0.1% of Full Scale Per g to 200Hz in
IP44 any axis