ARC1000 Đại lý hãng Alia tại Việt Nam, nhà phân phối hãng Alia tại Việt Nam , thiết bị đo lưu lượng Alia, thiết bị đo mức Alia

ARC1000 Series Paperless Recorder features the most advanced technology. It highlights in various channels, complete function, easy operation, high accuracy, low consumption and high performance, overcoming the disadvantages of old paperless recorder of limited channels and large
occupancy if several recorders are to be installed.




 DIN (288mm*288mm), 800*600 Pixels, TFT truecolor (LCD) 
 500MB built-in memory card, support long-term data record 
 Common input signal: mA, include VDC, T/C, RTD, Hz etc.
 High Accuracy +/-0.15% of Reading
 Max. 24-points relay output, Max.8-points 4-20mA output, Max. 6 points 24VDC output
 Can receive input signals of max. 48 channels
 24VDC Aux. power supply, 2-wire system
 Display/Record Single-point, Multi-point, Trend, Totalizer and Bargraph
 Records can be saved in USB memory&SD card and transferred to PC
 Ethernet communication, RS485/RS232 function


Number of Inputs: Display:
1- 48 channels 10.4" color-screen LCD
Input: Trend & Bargraph
T/C (K, S, B, E, J, N, T, R,N, etc.) Vertical / Horizontal
RTD, CU50, CU53, BA1, BA2 Digital
DCA (4-20 mA, 0-10 mA, 0-20 mA) 4-1/2 digits programmable
DCV (0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, 20mV, 100mV) Engineer Unit
Frequency (1Hz ~ 5KHz) (4~24VDC) 66 different engineering units
Resistance (0-175 , 0-400 ) Parameter Protection
Accuracy: Password entry (6 Digits)
+/-0.15% of Span Logging Rate:
Response Time: 1 Second ~ 1800 Seconds Per Data
50 ms Recording Capability:
Alarm Types: 144 Hours (48 Points, 1 Data/Second)
High & Low alarm, Incr. & Decr. alarm 355 Years (8 Point, 1 Data/5 Hours)
Output: PC Software:
4-20 mA *8 points (Max.), load 800 Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8
Relay, 3A/250V * 24 points (Maximum) Display
24VDC, 60 mA *6 points  (Maximum) Trend, Numerical, Circular, Alarm, Bargraph
Decimal Point: Totalizer
2 digits to the most Convert Function
Storage Memory: Saved as excel files
500 MB (on board) Protection Class:
Cycling Mode: IP 65
Newest Data overwrites oldest data Weight:
Recording Data Shift: Max. 7.5Kg
USB memory (8GB) / SD Card (8GB) Dimensions:
Display Update Rate: 288mm (W) * 288 mm (H) * 254mm (D)
1s Ambient Temperature:
Keypad: -10 ~ +60  oC
12 Keys (Page,Left,Righ,Up,Down,Enter)  Ambient Humidity:
for programming and display control 10% ~ 85%RH (5 ~ 40  oC)
Parameter Storage: Power Supply:
Operation parameters are stored by 85-260VAC, 50/60Hz
EEPROM for more than 10 years Vibration Test:
  10~60Hz ,10m/S2  for 3 hours
  Power Consumption:
  <=20 W
  RS232 / RS485 (MODBUS protocol)