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  • Type:

    cubic, ball screw, rotating ball screw

  • Other characteristics:


  • Load:

    Min.: 250 N

    Max.: 1,000,000 N


The ZIMM Z Series Screw Jack can be configured to lift, lower, push or pull in the most demanding linear motion applications. The ZIMM range of Screw Jacks is based around a cubic body and building block principle, giving different design options for each of the 12 sizes offered.

Cubic compact design ensures ease of mounting.
Corrosion resistant design as standard.
Quality components ensuring maximum operation lifetime.
Ball screw versions for faster speeds and lower torques.
Maximum lifting capabilities range from 250N to 1000kN.
Standing or rotating versions.
Unique self-aligning nuts with +/-3deg of angular compensation.
High level of technical design support.
Linear guidance also supplied.