Alia Việt Nam - Signal Converter AST420 Series

The AST420 Series Signal Converter is a device facilitates the conversion between analog signal an radio signal. It aims to convert 4-20 mA analog signal into radio signal to transmit the analog signal remotely without cable, which is widely used in the occasion of transmitting analog signals over long distances. The wireless communication distance is up to 600 meters, saving a lot of cables. It also isolates the power supply of the signal collection end and the control end of the device to improve the security.


Used in pairs, one for the transmitter and one for the receiver

One device can transmit two analog signals, signal type 4-20 mA

The distance can reach 600 meters and penetrate 3-4 walls indoors

With waterproof case, can be used outdoors

With ISM433M frequency band communication

The transmitter can transmit the analog signal through the ratio while converting the signal to the analog output

It has 64 independent channels and can run up to 64 pairs of converters and transmit up to 128 analog signals at the same time