EMA-90  Đại lý hãng Contrel tại Việt Nam, nhà phân phối hãng Contrel , thiết bị đo năng lượng hãng Contrel, thiết bị giám sát nhiệt độ hãng Contrel, giải pháp cho cơ sở y tế, màn hình cách ly hãng Contrel.



The EMA expandable digital analyzers are made in a recessed housing (96x96mm) with 
slots for housing plug-in expansion modules, which allow it to adapt to multiple applications. The large graphic display makes the interactivity between the instrument extremely simple and the user. 
They are high performance analyzers designed to provide accurate measurements. They allow to control the energy distribution network, to detect power problems that can compromise quality and availability.

The main features of these analyzers are 
the wide power range, the high precision in the measurement of values, the expandability and the interactive interface for an easy use by the user. 
The main parameters of measurement are: 
- voltage (phase, concatenated and system voltages) 
- phase current (calculated neutral current) 
- power (active, reactive and apparent phase and total powers) 
- PF (power factor of each phase and total) 
- frequency (measurement of the measured voltage frequency) 
- maximum value function (HIGH), minimum value (LOW) and average value (AVERAGE) for all measurements 
- peak values ​​(max demand) of power and current
- asymmetry of voltage and current 
- total harmonic distortion (THD voltages and currents) 
- harmonic analysis of voltage and current up to the 31st order (only version H) 
- energy meters active, reactive, apparent (partial and total) 
- functions programmable tariffs 
- hour meter (total and partial, programmable) 
- pulse counter for general use (pulse counting for water, gas, etc. with expansion module)


Mechanical dimensions (mm)